After having a baby

The birth of a child fundamentally changes the life of a woman or a couple, unlike any other event. This also has an effect on sexuality. From a medical point of view, it is advisable not to have vaginal intercourse for about six weeks after childbirth. However, this does not necessarily mean a halt to closeness, intimacy, and sexual togetherness. The timing of first ovulation after giving birth varies greatly, and can take place within 3 weeks after childbirth. Therefore, it is not advisable to wait for your period before starting contraception. Also, it’s important to know that breastfeeding does not provide reliable protection against a new pregnancy!

At the beginning of this new phase of life, women often think about what is the most suitable method of contraception. It should be very effective, because a new pregnancy is rarely wanted so soon after a birth. Women who breastfeed must choose contraception that has no negative effect on the amount of breast milk or the baby.

During lactation, the only recommended hormonal contraception methods are pure gestagen-containing preparations, as they have been shown to have no effect on breast milk. Contraceptives with estrogen, such as combined pills, are not recommended during breastfeeding as they can reduce the amount of milk.

The hormonal IUS is a pure progestogen preparation, so it can be inserted as early as 4-6 weeks after birth. At this point, the uterus has already regained its normal size and reliable contraceptive protection is provided immediately.