Young women without children

The IUS is a useful contraceptive method for young childless women. As soon as the uterus reaches a certain size, i.e., after puberty, a hormonal IUS can be inserted. For young women and women with a small uterus in particular, the hormonal IUS brands Jaydess® and Kyleena® are smaller than Mirena® and work for 3 to 5 years as a safe long-term contraceptive.

Many young women use a hormonal IUS because other methods are out of the question for them. Sexuality can be lived spontaneously and without restriction with a reliable and comfortable method of contraception. And the lighter, less painful menstruation, or even the absence of menstruation, is usually seen as an additional benefit. The hormonal IUS has no enhancement effect on the skin; occasionally the skin can become a little blemished. Therefore, the IUS is not the method of choice for women prone to acne.

Studies have not confirmed a previously suspected increase in IUS infections, or a negative effect on fertility. Instead, studies have proven that the risk of an infection is lower in young women with a hormonal IUS than in women with a copper IUD.

Sometimes young women are afraid of possible pain upon insertion of an IUS and are therefore reluctant to choose this method. Ask your gynaecologist for medication to prepare the uterine orifice or a local anaesthetic. Taking a so-called prostaglandin (2 tablets of Cytotec®/Cyprostol®) together with a painkiller one hour before the insertion of the cervix causes the cervix to become soft and flexible for a pain-free insertion.

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