When your family is complete

Most couples want an average of two children, so for many women/couples, their family is complete after the second child. This raises the question of permanent and safe contraception. In this phase of life, women usually have 10 to 20 fertile years still ahead of them. Therefore, the method should be very effective, practical, and uncomplicated. One possibility is the permanent solution of sterilisation. Women/couples should be very sure they won’t want more children later, as reverse operations are usually unsuccessful. For many people, this “finality” is frightening, so they tend to keep postponing the doctor’s appointment – it’s during this time that unwanted pregnancies often occur.

Sterilisation in women and men is a very safe method of contraception, although not quite one hundred percent effective.

The hormonal IUS has an advantage because once the woman/couple has completed their family, the IUS can be removed at any time if another child is desired. Pregnancy can then occur quickly. Due to its very high efficacy, the hormonal IUS is somewhat safer than sterilisation. Another benefit is that many women experience lighter menstruation or no menstruation. This explains why many women have opted for a hormonal IUS instead of sterilisation in recent years.

Hormonal IUS Sterilisation
Less than 1 woman out of 100 becomes pregnant within a year Less than 1 woman out of 100 becomes pregnant within a year
Possible to have (more) children later on? Yes, it can be removed at any time Final decision; reverse operations rarely successful
Lighter and less painful periods Yes No
Risks from operation No Yes
Cost: Depends on health insurance coverage € 400 to to € 600 about € 800 or more