Hormonal IUS before and during menopause

Gabriela, 49 years old (bank employee)

I used the contraceptive pill for a very long time, even after the birth of my two children (14 and 17). As I got older, my unwillingness to think about having to take a pill every day grew. I was also worried about taking estrogen for years. During a visit to my gynaecologist I asked her to show me alternatives. After a detailed consultation, I then decided on the hormonal IUS. And I have not regretted the decision to this day. I was a little afraid of the insertion, but it turned out to be completely painless.

In the first few months I sometimes had light spotting. But my gynaecologist had told me about this, so it didn’t worry me. Over time my periods became lighter and less frequent. After a few months I only had slight bleeding every 2 – 3 months. Since then, I’ve already had a second IUS inserted. I don’t feel the IUS, have no menstrual bleeding, and also no complaints. I feel very comfortable with it and also protected.