Advantages of the hormonal IUS

Women expect an optimal contraceptive method to be very effective, easy to use, and well tolerated. The hormonal IUS  combines these requirements:

It’s as effective as sterilization. The hormone spiral offers a very safe protection against unwanted pregnancy, combined with a minimal dosage of hormones. There are no application errors such as “I forgot” or “I thought about contraception too late.” Vomiting, diarrhea, and travel-related time shifts have no influence on the effectiveness. The high effectiveness is also independent of the age and weight of the woman.

It’s comfortable and you can’t feel it. Sexuality can be lived spontaneously with the hormonal IUS, free of thoughts of possible unwanted consequences and without interruptions. For five years, a woman doesn’t need to think about contraception.

You can have it removed at any time. For women/couples who wish to use very effective contraception for a limited period of time but wish to have children in the near future, the hormonal IUS can be removed at any time. Pregnancy can occur immediately thereafter.

It can be used while breastfeeding. Since the IUS contains only one yellow body hormone, it can be used as early as 4-6 weeks after birth and also during lactation. The nature and quantity of breast milk are not affected.

It improves quality of life. Most women find it pleasant to have shorter and weaker periods due to the hormonal IUS. It is also usually perceived as liberating to have no menstruation at all. Without a build up of the mucous membrane, the uterus is smooth and empty and nothing bleeds off. For many women, it is important to know that this is medically harmless or even positive.

It is well tolerated and hormone doses are low. The IUS is generally well tolerated. The hormone level in the blood is about 20-100 times lower compared to taking the pill, with hardly any side effects.

Estrogen-free. The IUS does not contain estrogen, so it is also suitable for women who experience side effects with estrogen.