The IUS offers very safe contraception for 3 – 5 years for approx. € 400,- to € 600.*  (As with all other contraceptive methods, Austria does not cover costs, as health insurance companies do not provide reimbursement, except for some private health insurance companies, or if there is a medical reason such as very strong or prolonged menstruation – “menorrhagic metrorrhagia”).

Although the price seems high at first glance, it is worth comparing with other methods. Over 3 – 5 years, the costs for the hormonal IUS are around € 7 to € 13 per month – significantly cheaper than many other contraceptive methods, as the chart below shows. In addition, you save money on tampons and pads due to the lighter or absent menstruation. (It should be taken into account that spotting bleeding can occur during a few months).

Seen in this light, the hormonal IUS pays for itself after about 3 years.

Source: GfK Healthcare, Menstruation and Monthly Hygiene, April 2007

*Calculations are based on costs in Germany.