Hormonal IUS after having a baby

Sybille, 32 years (married, 2 children: 13 years and 3 months)

Hormonal contraception was always difficult for me because I didn’t tolerate the hormones in the pill or in the contraceptive ring very well. Taking the pill and using the ring changed my eating habits and resulted in unwanted weight gain. We used condoms to delay our wanted second child – but always with an uneasy feeling because we knew that condoms are not the most reliable contraception. Of course, this influenced our sexuality, and our spontaneity was greatly reduced.

Two days after the birth of our daughter, who is now 3 months old, the gynaecologist in the hospital asked me what kind of contraception I’d like to use. Due to my negative experience with the pill, she first suggested a copper IUD. But immediately afterwards, two friends told me they had gotten pregnant despite the copper IUD – so I became unsure. I made a final decision for the hormonal IUS in the gynaecologist’s office after the doctor showed me both types and explained their safety and efficacy again. The high safety and effectiveness of the hormonal IUS finally convinced me.

The insertion four weeks after the birth was, as promised, completely painless. I had slight spotting for two weeks afterwards – since then, I’ve had no bleeding at all.

I can breastfeed without any problems, and our sexuality has felt carefree – when we can find time for it during this exhausting baby phase. The certainty of not getting pregnant feels great, because two children are enough for us.