Fitting a hormonal IUS (without pain)

During a fitting, the hormonal IUS is inserted carefully into the vaginal and past the cervix into the uterine cavity. The cervix is a very strong muscle that closes the uterus. Pushing through the cervix can be painful, but women react very differently. In women who have already had one or more (vaginal) births, the cervix is usually slightly open, making it possible to insert the IUS painlessly. For women who have not yet had a (vaginal) birth, it’s important to prevent possible pain. There are several ways of doing this: administering medication (prostaglandin or mifepristone) before insertion so that the cervix opens by itself, or apply a local anaesthetic to the cervix.  In some cases, a brief general anaesthetic is also possible.

In any case, you should discuss this aspect with your doctor before the fitting.