Switching to hormonal IUS

The hormonal IUS is best placed during a menstrual period. During this time, the cervix is slightly open, which makes insertion easier.

Until this time, you should keep using your previous contraception. If, for example, you’re using the pill, the contraceptive ring, or the patch, take them as usual. At the beginning of your period, you can have a hormonal IUS placed by your gynaecologist.

After a spontaneous abortion or surgical abortion in the first 12 weeks, the IUS can be inserted immediately.

After childbirth, you can have an IUS inserted 4-6 weeks later.

Once the IUS is in place, you are immediately protected from unwanted pregnancy. You don’t need to use another contraceptive method in addition.

For menopausal women on hormone replacement therapy, IUS insertion can be done at any time or during withdrawal bleeding, if it occurs.