Hormonal IUS for young women

Anna, 19 years (student)

I’ve been using the hormonal IUS since June 2019. Before that, I took the pill for 2 years, but stopped taking it because I suffered from strong mood swings and gained weight… With the IUS this has become 80% better.

I learned from a friend that it was also possible for young women like me to have the IUS inserted.

I was a little afraid of the insertion. But before doing it, my gynaecologist gave me pain pills. The most painful thing was the straightening of the uterus, I didn’t feel the insertion of the IUS itself. A few hours afterwards, I still had some menstrual cramps, but never again since.

Since the insertion, I’ve never had my period again, which I find very pleasant.

For me, this is the most comfortable and safest method of contraception, but also the cheapest when you calculate the cost over 5 years. I’m glad I took this step.