Mirena information card for your patients
Below is an information card for your patients.
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Brochure: Zervix-Priming for physicians

The number of women who have not (yet) given birth is constantly increasing. Intrauterine pessaries (IUDs), especially the levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS), are a suitable method of contraception for these women, with the latter an increasing method of choice.

However, one disadvantage for women who have not yet given birth and women who have had a Caesarean section is the closed cervix. This makes the insertion of an IUD/IUS more difficult and increases the risk of pain. It is not surprising that the fear of pain during insertion often discourages women from choosing this method. As a result, women may choose a less suitable or less effective method and be at increased risk of unintended pregnancy. For these and other indications, a drug-based cervical preparation (priming) with prostaglandin misoprostol (Cyprostol®/Cytotec®) or the progesterone receptor blocker mifepristone (Mifegyne®) has proven very effective, both in numerous studies and in clinical practice.

This brochure summarizes the data and explains the therapeutic possibilities.
[Priming_Nullipara brochure.pdf]