The LNG-containing IUS is a very effective contraceptive method with a Pearl Index of less than 1 (0.2 pregnancies in 100 women using this method for one year).

Most women stay with this method once they have chosen it (90% continuation rate after three years).

To achieve this high satisfaction rate, a detailed consultation before insertion is very important. In general, patients’ satisfaction is mainly related to whether their questions have been adequately explained and answered, and whether they have been made aware of possible side effects.

The effect of the hormonal IUS on menstruation should definitely be explained during the consultation: After one year of use, most women only have a light monthly period of 1-2 days, and almost half of women no longer have periods at all. This is positive from a medical point of view and is very much welcomed by most women. For some women, however, it can be a challenge to their self-image as a woman, which should be addressed. Some women reject the method for these reasons.

Some users may experience prolonged bleeding or spotting. This may occur especially in the first 3 – 6 months, but then decreases. Prolonged bleeding occurs very rarely and may require treatment or IUS removal.