The hormonal IUS – Effective contraception for all phases of life




The hormonal IUS (intrauterine system) is a very effective long-term contraceptive method. It combines the advantages of an estrogen-free pill (lighter, pain-free menstruation; no estrogen-related side effects, such as weight gain, breast tenderness), and the conventional copper coil or IUD (intrauterine device), with its long-term efficacy.

The hormonal IUS (also called a hormonal coil) is a small, soft, T-shaped plastic body with stored hormones. The T-beam is flexible and enables the doctor to insert it easily into the uterus. Once in place, it is stable and does not move.

The hormonal IUS offers extremely reliable contraception for a period of up to 8 years without having to think about using a contraceptive on a regular basis, or taking anything.

Use of Mirena extended to 8 years